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Very Eclectic Clothing is now Very Eclectic. In the past few years it and I, as an artist, have been evolving. A friend told me I was moving sideways into a new era....


Very Eclectic Clothing was born in 1992. I sold women's hand-dyed and painted clothing and accessories for years, both retail and wholesale. Times were good. But change is also good. In 2019 I stopped making clothing. It was the right decision. I no longer enjoyed the process. And that allowed me to fully concentrate on the collections I am truly passionate about.


Who doesn't like a nice scarf?  I'll continue to make my greatest hits, and there's always something new to create.  Like flower pins and clips.   I'm inspired by nature and also old pieces I find and enjoy changing them up to make the design mine.


The covered buttons on this site are the same as those that have graced my clothing over the years. There are also leather covered buttons, and a gorgeous collection of antique hand-painted shell buttons. Polymer clay buttons are the latest additions.  You're sure to find something special for your new project or to spruce up an old favorite.


 I've always been an avid knitter/crocheter. One day I realized I could dye and paint my own yarn. It was as simple as that! I only use the finest luxury and novelty yarns. Each skein is individually hand-painted in the same colors-ways found on my scarves.  Then I was asked about patterns and kits.  So I gave it a go.  You will find simple one/two skein (knit and crochet) projects for each type of yarn, and every ability.  You can buy the pattern, the yarn, and everything you need to complete the project.


Shawl Pins: Another request from customers, and something I personally wanted: shawl pins. I'm creating shawl pins in a variety of metals that will work on fabric as well as knitted/crocheted scarves and shawls. 

All of Very Eclectic is now available online. Let me know what you think.   Maybe we will meet at a show sometime soon.  It's good to see old friends and make new ones. As always, I will try to create accessories and items that give you joy and help you feel beautiful every day.

See you soon,


Tourmaline Cowl and Red Cottage Rose .jp
Pink pleated silk scarf with beads at the ends.
Blue/green crocheted hat.
Antique shell buttons painted bright colors.
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