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Welcome new and old friends to my first blog on my new website! Your questions answered.

Welcome new and old friends to my first blog on my new website! I will try to write about once a month, fingers crossed.

The two questions I've been asked since last fall are: (1) Where is your website? (2) Why aren't you making clothes anymore? I will endeavor to answer.

My website was offline for a while because it was outdated, and I didn't know what I wanted to do. There were also technical issues. By the time I figured things out I was too busy with shows. That's what January is for. And now there is a shiny new Very Eclectic website. Hope you like it.

Why did I stop making clothes? Well, I've been doing it as Very Eclectic Clothing for 27 years, and I just needed a change. Originally, I thought I'd just keep going till the fabric ran out, but that could be awhile. Last summer I felt like I'd rather eat glass then make another vest, shirt, dress, etc...I just decided to stop. What a liberation! All that fabric can be used for scarves anyway.

Here's another reason. You have to carry a very large inventory to sell clothing. I carried 6 sizes from XS – XXL. Every item, like a vest, has to be available in 6 sizes in multiple colors, and multiple pieces per color per size. The inventory for that vest (style) needs to be 25 to 30 pieces for decent sales at a show. Multiply that by the number of items in your collection, like 2 tops, 2 vests, 2 jackets, and 2 skirt styles. 8 styles x 25 pieces = 200 pieces in inventory. That's a lot to maintain. I could go on about the rising price of fabric, etc. But let's stop there.

Accessories are easier to for me to sell and for you to buy. The inventory is much smaller, and there are no sizes. The same goes for buttons and yarn. Everyone is happy!

I hope that answered some questions. Let me know what you think. You can subscribe to this blog with the “subscribe” button on the lower right corner of the page. I will also send you info on sales and upcoming shows in your area.

Thanks for reading, Lisa February 3, 2020

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