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Spring Rituals Old and New

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Usually this time of year I am working like crazy in the studio. I normally do three and sometimes four shows in May. Not this year. There are no shows, and who knows when it will be safe enough for us all the be together again. Instead of wringing my hands I've decided to share some positive aspects of my seclusion at home. Hope you have discovered some positive practices as well.

Cranking out inventory like a worker bee, has been my main spring ritual for years and years. Then there's all the driving...and then the shows. This spring I'm able to explore new ideas, and work on projects I haven't had time for in years.

The studio is still a busy place, but a couple days a week, I'm working on new designs. Some are successful, some not so much, but the process is so liberating. And...when the weather is beautiful I stop and go for a walk, or fiddle in the garden instead of hunching over my dye pot in a bad mood. Wouldn't it be great to make that a habit?

Three years ago I wanted to clean out a flower bed that was overgrown and long neglected. It happened last weekend! Yeah! An hour or so digging in the dirt is bliss. That's a ritual many of my friends enjoy. By the time I normally get around to it in early June my little postage stamp yard is an overgrown jungle. This year it will be my oasis.

Then there's cooking. Here in New England It's the beginning of outdoor grilling season. Everything tastes better cooked on the grill! I love cooking. But there was never time. I was out of town, or working late. My husband was at the office late. Now we're both home and enjoying dinner together every night. How about you?

We are all staying close to home, and we have to make the best of it. Eventually things will get back to (whatever crazy) we all call normal. I miss seeing all of you at shows. I miss my old routine. If you miss your artist friends send them a text or an email. It's okay if you can't buy anything right now. They'd love to hear from you. Several promoters have set up online marketplaces. Here are a couple in case you'd like to go to a virtual show:

I hope you, your family, and friends are all well,


May 1, 2020

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